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Become a

City Expert!

Explore your city and make friends while improving public transit for all.

Shape the future of urban mobility by organizing local meetups where your group will hit the streets to complete important transit missions. Make a positive impact in your city, helping people travel around with ease, all while having fun with new friends. Finish the event with a delicious group lunch to celebrate the day's accomplishments!

Organize an event in your city

City Experts event hosts are passionate Moovit users who volunteer their time to create engaging face-to-face events where participants can experience the fun of perfecting local mobility together.

As a Host, you'll be responsible for organizing and leading monthly local events. The Moovit team will help you all the way, from the definition of the transit missions to the promotion of your event. You can even get Moovit swag to be distributed among your attendees.

Moovit helps you build your own local group of mobility enthusiasts, and as the local host, you'll make sure your attendees feel welcomed and involved, have a great time, and will finish the event excited to come back for the next one! 

Apply below! If accepted, we’ll reach out and start the discussion on how to get City Experts started in your city.

Thanks for applying!

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